Shopping Naples: Gutteridge.

Posted by on Mar 8, 2012 in Men's Clothing | One Comment
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    Decent styling but middling quality at Gutteridge.

    Should you ever find yourself in Italy and in need of the most affordable wardrobe possible, you can begin at Gutteridge. The prices at this store—which has locations across Italy, including Naples, Florence, and Milan—are near the proverbial rock bottom. For example, when I stopped by during their end-of-the-season sale, they were selling scarves for $20; sweaters, shirts, and ties for $35; and sport coats for $100. That’s H+M territory, and that’s not even considering the 20% VAT discount non-EU customers enjoy.

    The downside, as you can guess, is that the quality leaves much to be desired. The sport coats have big armholes and slightly stiff shoulders. They’re also are made with cheap fabrics, although they spare us the exaggerated pick stitching many Italian companies like to use. Gutteridge’s knit ties also felt thin and floppy, and the weaves of their sweaters didn’t feel very resilient.

    Not that surprising given the price. Personally, I think there are much better deals at shops such as Boggi, but if you had to get a slim fitting sport coat, and you couldn’t spend more than $100, Gutteridge is a decent—if not the only—place to start.

    Nobody beats the 'ridge.

    Gutteridge's plus is offering some Italian styling, of a type you don't see much of in the United States.

    "Saldi" is Italian for "sale." Use context clues.


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      One Response to “Shopping Naples: Gutteridge.”

      1. T4phage says:

        from rubinacci to matuozzo
        then to gutteridge..

        couldn;t you have chosen
        a better low end on
        via roma?

        there are better
        as you approach
        piazza dante