Finamore at Pitti.

Posted by on Jan 26, 2012 in Men's Clothing | 3 Comments
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    Finamore could rest on its old-world shirtmaker laurels (second oldest shirtmaker in Naples; more handsewing than Betsy Ross [more in the black labeled classica line than in sportier models]; renowned MTM program, fabric from top mills, etc., etc.) but at Pitti 81 chose instead to highlight its innovative side, with look-at-me fabrics and treatments, quilted snap-button shirts, and aggressive collars.  I was surprised to see jackets alongside Finamore’s famous shirts; don’t yet know too much about the tailored goods, but we’re checking into it!

    Checks and an excellent out of focus roll on the collar. (Apologies for shallow focus on these--it was dark in the depths of Pitti.)


    The jackets were lightly tailored and used exceedingly soft fabrics. Accessories--ties and scarves--were top drawer as well.

    The Italian-only Finamore rep REALLY wanted me to see the washed (but mostly dirtied) treatments on these quilted shirts. Interesting stuff.

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      3 Responses to “Finamore at Pitti.”

      1. What a pitti says:

        If society’s most debonair gents start wearing the quilted shirts, how will doormen know who to let in?

      2. Dave says:

        nice depth of field on those pics! looks great.

      3. kpopsicle says:

        I love Fina-floral kinds of shirts. Some guy mathced simple vintage suit with this shirts!!
        It might be coooooooool and nice~~~~~~~~~~~~~!